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Super Freak

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SUPER FREAK has shown to increase extreme muscle fullness while massively increasing size and strength.



If your looking to bulk up and pack on some massive muscle fast. This hardcore proprietary blend of pharmaceutical grade compounds will significantly increase protein synthesis and nitrogen retention forcing you into an extreme anabolic muscle building state. SUPER FREAK has been shown to create extreme muscle fullness while massively increasing size and strength simultaneously. We even infused the formula with a state-of-the-art myostatin inhibitor to ignite a complete genetic response making your performance possibilities endless. SUPER FREAK was designed to mimic and supersede the extreme muscle building action of the infamous pro-steroid Superdrol. SUPER FREAK is fast becoming one of the most popular performance enhancing agents on the market due to its dramatic effects. Users are reporting that SUPER FREAK forces your muscles to appear rock hard, thick and full. Make legendary gains beyond your belief and finally cross over to the Next Level.


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Weight 16 oz


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